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Lyrics Quiz, coda

 Here are the answers to the ones nobody got and the results of the contest:

2. "I don't want no one to tell me 'bout the god in the sky. I don't want no one to tell me where I'm gonna go when I die."  clue: Originally started as a British blues band called Earth.  Then they saw this type of movie being highly attended... and named themselves after one.  Also: involves the "Day Star"  *Black Sabbath: "Under the Sun"*

3. "She's the one with lips like candy, candy. Like a dog, well I'm a-coming running. She's got eyes that burn right through me, through me. She told me her name, calls herself Candy, Candy."  clue: Slash's Snakepit meets STP. kawika: Velvet Revolver "Let it Roll"

5. "Standing in the sun: idiot savant. Something like a monument."  The kind of animal Jesus rode to the last supper (see celticcowboy68 post of 4/16/2008), one of original members went on to form ELP (that's Emerson, Lake and Palmer).  *King Crimson  "Dinosaur"*  (this was a little obscure)

11. "Lord, I might as well go back over yonder, way back yon(der) accross the hill. 'Cause if my baby don't love me no more, I know her sister will."  Other lyrics: ""Well, I haven't been home to see my baby in ninety-nine and one-half days." . Clue: left-handed guitarist, black, alleged lsd in bandana...  *Jimi Hendrix  "Red House"*

14. "Why so unforgiving and why so cold? Spent a long time crossing..." clue:  Connects the Doge's Palace to his prisons.  A.k.a. Ponte dei Sospiri.  Famous place to visit in Venice, Italy.  *Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs"*

17. "Little sister makes a move to the door. Her door squeeks, she's on the second floor. Her daddy wakes "Is everything O.K.?" Not a sound as she makes her getaway."  next line: "Little brother's got it ready to roll.  Tires burning as they head to the show.  Light it up and turn the music up loud and..." kawika: Night Ranger "(You Can Still) Rock in America"  (no shame!)

20. "Why are you different? Why are you that way? If you don't get in line, we'll lock you away."  previous line: ""Everybody's happy, everybody's free.  Keep the big door open; everyone will come around." kawika: Dave Matthews Band "Typical Situation"

21. "Cherry stem in her mouth she can tie in a knot. For every trick she does, one of ten she has got."  clue:  It costs 20 cents and I give you a quarter.  You give me a ...  *Nickelback  "Money Bought"*

22. "My head explodes, my ears ring, I can't remember just where I've been. The last thing that I recall: I got lost in a deep black hole."  further lyrics: "Don't want to find out.  Just want to cut out."  by Rudy, Klaus, Herman and Sonja. blithescribe:  Scorpions "Blackout"

Good luck!

Point totals:
***blithescribe:      6  points   Winner!***
hooloovooo:       4 points
mortgaged:        4 points
goaskalice71:   3 points
kawika:               3 points

Thanks for playing along.  Maybe I'll try a different contest next time.  :-)


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