The Evil Zymurgist, der Chet, The Man in Black (midnightgambler) wrote,
The Evil Zymurgist, der Chet, The Man in Black

When Enough is More than Enough

I quit my job today.  Just walked out.

Most of you know that I typically don't do things this way, but sometimes you just can't help it.

I gave my notice last week and my manager went into panic mode because he was going to be short staffed.  I called my new job to find out when the starting date was going to be and found out it would be a week later than anticipated.  I called my manager and said I could help him out and stay another week (I could just as well have taken a short vacation).  I even came in early (7am) on Weds morning after working until 9:30 pm the night before to help clean and remodel the electronics and appliance departments (along with other salespeople and managers from other stores).

Today, the district manager f-wad saw me standing idle for about 10 minutes today and informed me that I should be doing "something", i.e. either training or cleaning.  Then my manager comes up to me  and says "Tell me you're not the reason I'm being chewed out."  He then proceeds to tell me that I should either help with the remodeling/cleaning, clean something or do some training when he knows damn well I won't be there much longer and the only reason I'm really staying is to help him out.  Any manager that doesn't have the balls to stand up for one of his people doesn't deserve my respect or loyalty.  Granted, part of my job is to help keep the place clean and help out the rest of the team (and I do more than my share), but I work on commission and I'm here to sell.  That's how I pay my bills.  More than that, it was the way the message was delivered that really got to me.  I'm not some 17 year old working his first job at McDonalds or Starbucks, I'm an experienced sales professional.

I went to lunch at a local Outback Steakhouse, ordered myself a beer and meditated for a while.  Why was I torturing myself?  How many more times do I have to bite my tongue?  Why do I keep working for a bunch of incompetent, bureaucratic f-wads?  Answer: I don't know.  Time to stop torturing myself and move on.

If anybody needs any help with anything this week, I'm available.  :-)

Back to brewing...
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