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Why We Fight, er... Brew, that is.

Went to the screening of Beer Wars with friend (and fellow homebrewer) digital_rider  this evening.  I have to admit the film was a little disturbing.  Budweiser engages in "identity theft" of craft brews, independent brewers have a really hard time getting their beer to market because the big breweries control the distributors and it's hard to figure out who owns who any more (Miller/Coors merger, Budweiser buying Rolling Rock and shutting down the original brewery, InBev buying out Bud and owning Bass, Grolsch, etc.).  It makes one's head spin.  Then there are the ignorant masses who watch the Superbowl for the "beer" commercials...  Whole generations have been brought up to believe that all there is to drink is that fizzy, yellow, tasteless shit.  Apparently, all the big breweries really care about is selling and marketing a dumbed-down, homogenized and virtually tasteless product.  They literally spend billions of dollars in advertising to get you to drink their bilge and more on lobbying to maintain their hold on the channels of distribution.  And if they can't drive out the competition, they'll just buy them out.

I do have a few complaints though:  the movie ended someone anti-climactically and the "round table" discussion got cut off.  (We only got to see the last minute or so).  I was sorely tempted to try and get my money back, but, besides the hassle, I wanted the filmakers to profit from the venture and I'm thankful to them for getting the message out.

I recommend that anyone who reads this and likes beer send a message to the Big Corporate Brewing Machine:  Give us what we want to drink, not what you think we want or what you can pass off.  Support your local craft brewers (and homebrewers!) and avoid purchasing that mass-marketed, fizzy, yellow, light, piss-water that gets passed off as real beer.  Vote with your wallet.    Hopefully someone will get the message.
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